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2016 GEF Grant Award Winners




















Our Prize Patrol issued $23,670.14 in grants for 2016


The Grafton Education Foundation (GEF) “Prize Patrol” made 6 stops to surprise this year’s grant recipients. A total of $23,670.14 was handed out to Grafton school district staff members who applied for grants during the 2016 grant cycle for GEF. During the annual Prize Patrol, GEF members show up unannounced in teacher classrooms with an oversized check, balloons and green apples to share the news that their educational grants will be awarded. This year’s grants will impact students at all five public schools in Grafton.


The Grafton Education Foundation raises money throughout the year to fund grant requests. The GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to address funding gaps for educational programs throughout the five public schools in Grafton.


Electronic Drum Set and Two-Octave Zildjan Crotale Set – GHS – K. Hardt and A.

Qutaishat - $10,199.00

This grant will provide the students with access to a high quality electronic drum set and

a two-octave set of crotales. The electronic drum set will be used to help teach young

percussionists fundamental techniques while listening to recordings and playing along

with another person with the use of headphones. The drum set and crotale set will be

used in many district wide performances and events. The electronic drums can provide

many percussion and theatrical sound options to support the district musical, cabaret,

Chili Day, and middle and elementary school music productions and performances.

HOSA – Future Health Professionals and PLTW Biomedical Science: A Synergetic

Partnership – GHS – F. Grant - $3,534.00

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a national student organization for future

health/biomedical professionals. HOSA provides a program of leadership development,

motivation and recognition. As part of the PLTW-Biomedical Science Program, students

involved in Grafton High School’s HOSA chapter will have the opportunity to plan and

participate in educational events related to biomedical science. The Wisconsin State

HOSA conference takes place yearly in the Wisconsin Dells. Biomedical students will

have the opportunity to showcase technical skill attainment and/or classroom knowledge.

This grant will provide funding to pay for the students’ HOSA State Conference

Registration Fees.

The Science and Math of Rocketry! It’s a Blast! – GHS – M. Schreiner, C. Weidner,

C. Pirlot, L. Barber - $1,597.61

Through collaboration among the math, science, and special education departments,

students will design, construct, and launch rockets in order to better understand the

components of the scientific method. Students will experience a systematic approach to

problem solving with criteria and constraints. Throughout the design process,

construction, and launch of the rockets, students will research and discuss factors

affecting the rocket’s flight path from mathematical and scientific perspectives. In

addition, students will learn to communicate and collaborate effectively with team


Active Seating Furniture – JLMS – S. Zellner and C. Loeffler - $3,240.32

While the benefits of physical activity to a person’s health are well-documented, there is

a growing body of research that documents physical activity’s positive association with

academic performance. Physically active and fit students are likely to perform better

academically. Classroom physical activity breaks have been shown to improve cognitive

performance, improve classroom behavior, increase time on task, increase concentration

skills, and improve attitude. This grant will purchase a variety of chairs, desks, and other

equipment that are created to help increase physical activity in the classroom setting.

WEB Crew Training – JLMS – M. Pfeiffer - $2,583.36

Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) Crew is a middle school orientation and transition

program that welcomes sixth graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout the

first years of their middle school experience. Through this nationally recognized

program, eighth grade students are trained as positive role models, mentors, and teachers

who help guide the sixth graders and show them what it takes to be successful in middle

school. This grant provides funding for a staff member to attend an intense three-day

training session, which will prepare him to implement all phases of the WEB program,

from Orientation Day to the yearlong activities that are associated with the program.

LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robotics Kits for the Grafton FIRST LEGO League Jr. Program

– GES, KES, WES – A. Riley, K. Noel, K. Eippert, K. Gasser - $2,515,85

The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Jr. program is designed to introduce STEM (Science,

Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts to students in grades K5 through 3 rd using

LEGO elements. Teams of up to six students assisted by two parent coaches research a

real-world challenge and build a motorized LEGO model to demonstrate what they

learned. The Grafton FLL Jr. program is comprised of 13 teams, 73 students, and 26

parent-coaches across all the Grafton public elementary schools. Beginning in 2017, all

FLL Jr. teams will be required to utilize the newly released LEGO Education robotics kit

called WeDo 2.0. This change will necessitate the purchase of new LEGO kits, which

will allow students to explore robotics and programming/coding concepts within the FLL

Jr. framework. This grant will fund 15 LEGO WeDo 2.0 Robotics kits for the Grafton

FLL Jr. teams.


GEF Grants 2016
GEF Grants 2016
GEF Grants 2016
GEF Grants 2016
GEF Grants 2016
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