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2021 GEF Grant Award Winners


Over the years, GEF has had the honor of awarding 85 teacher/staff district-wide educational grants on an annual basis totaling $451,000.  Their stories inspire us to continue funding projects that will have a lasting impact on large numbers of students throughout our district.  


During the 2021 grant cycle, the GEF Grant Committee was happy to report that they awarded eight grants to the districts totaling $77,000. 


2021 GEF grants include:

Woodview + JLMS Outdoor Amphitheater + Classroom                                           

 $20,000 awarded to Adan Burgos, Woodview                                                                                                  






Reading Materials for German Levels 2, 3 + 4      

 $515.00 awarded to Karen Frey, Grafton High School











Virtual Reality Headsets + Computers                                                               

$5,828.54 awarded to Erin Sumner, Grafton High School                                                                                                                                                                      









Seating + Tables for Fabrication Lab

$9,743.42 awarded to Kevin Gain, Grafton High School

Music Stands for GHS students    

$4,364.00 awarded to Alex Knoepker, Grafton High School










Math Classroom Furniture

$13,417.00 awarded to Kellen Wesson, Grafton High School 

Enhancing Creativity and Innovation with Active Floors

$11,637.00 awarded to Beth Lambie, Kennedy






Revisioning our Kennedy 4th Grade Learning Spaces

$10,103.00 awarded to Susan Easter, Kennedy


Grants In Action

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