We are transforming the barren, empty room that used to be concessions at GHS into a Community Store we can all be proud of. The Hawk's Nest will be run by students and will be available for the entire community to enjoy. The students and administration will be responsible for designing every aspect of the store from the layout to what is sold in it, from concept to completion and daily running. This truly is a store designed by the students for everyone who loves Grafton.  Once open, Grafton apparel, gifts and more will be available for purchase during sporting/school and community events held at GHS.  


Update 9/2020:

We are now in the process of ordering shelving for the walls and floor to prepare for products.  The new Business and Information Technology instructor, Mr. Meyer, has started to work with his classes to make plans for opening.  The students are very excited! 




A sample of apparel that would be sold at the Hawk's Nest

Concept rendering of the Hawk's Nest

Entrance is almost complete!

Soon this will be filled with apparel!

The Hawk's Nest will be run by students


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