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2017 GEF Grant Award Winners




















Our Prize Patrol issued $43,261.58 in grants for 2017


The Grafton Education Foundation (GEF) “Prize Patrol” surprised this year’s grant recipients. A total of $43,261.58 was handed out to Grafton school district staff members who applied for grants during the 2017 grant cycle for GEF. During the annual Prize Patrol, GEF members show up unannounced in teacher classrooms with an oversized check, balloons and green apples to share the news that their educational grants will be awarded. 


The Grafton Education Foundation raises money throughout the year to fund grant requests. The GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to address funding gaps for educational programs throughout the five public schools in Grafton.


Happy Atoms!

Happy Atoms magnetic molecular modeling brings chemistry sets to the 21st Century. This molecular model kit allows students to discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands on way beyond the standard ball and stick structure.


Learning and Exploring with Mobile Makerspace

Makerspace is a place for students to integrate hands-on learning through experimentation, and collaboration.  The mobile space for science lessons, engineering tasks, and technology integration including robotics, digital creation, and a space for creative design, invention, and problem solving.


May I have your attention Please!

This grant provides for effective learning spaces for special education students. The rooms will be equipped with alternative seating that addresses sensory and attention needs as well as moveable calming spaces for students.


Self-reflection in JLMS Music

The grant provides a video camera to allow instructors to record music rehearsals and performances to give students more constructive and meaningful feedback on their work.


JLMS Choir Composition/Accompaniment Program Scanner

Computer music notation software that will allow the choir students to have computer-aided accompaniments for choir rehearsals and for Solo & Ensemble Festival preparation. The software easily transposes music for student to be able to sing in a more comfortable range.


Creative a Conductive Environment for Learning

We will work to foster and grow the student stamina which requires students to have a comfortable work space in which they can stay focused. To achieve this goal we will provide alternate seating as well as stand up desks and teaming tables for the students.


MS Technology and Engineering Snap Circuits

Enhancing the Electricity learning unit and implementing the STEM curriculum through Snap Circuits. Students will gain experience creating circuits which would benefit them in concept and skills acquisition through High School and post-secondary learning.


Active Seating Furniture

Growing research documents physical activities positive association with academic performance. To support and enhance the student’s performance this grant will provide movement based seating and hand held fidgets to promote concentration as well as increase student engagement and participation.


Virtual/Augmented Reality

Technology allows entire groups of students to take virtual field trips around the world where they can interact in a virtual setting. Augmented reality takes a 2 dimensional teaching tool and transforms it into a 3 dimensional interactive learning model by utilizing View Master Deluxe VR Viewers for each student.


Plotter for the D-1 Computer Lab

The plotter is an output device that allow students to print off large scale drawings to allow them to apply conventional construction measurement processes accurately (i.e. geometric and trigonometric functions). It will also serve to fulfill other district needs such as creating large banners for various district district sponsored sport tournaments, lobby displays, and other district needs.


PLTW Building Knowledge and Skills in Biomedical Science: Macroscopically and Microscopically

The grant will purchase a shaking incubator, a digital dry bath, and four (4) Blue View trans-illuminators for students to complete modern molecular lab experiments in an efficient manner and increase the accuracy of the lab results.


Digital Microscopy: A Closer Look at the Invisible World!

The grant will provide digital microscopes that will allow students of all abilities to utilize technology that will help them to investigate the microscopic world around them.


Grants In Action

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