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Board of Directors


Amy Swenson - President

Renee Riddle - Past President

Kay Schnell - Treasurer

Michelle Bigler - Secretary

Tracy Brogelman - GHS Staff Liaison 

April Shanks - Kennedy Liaison

Joanne Ward - JLMS Liaison

Adan Burgos - Woodview Liason

Karen Powell - Event Co-Chair

Jaime Olson - Event Co-Chair

Ann Roskos - Past. Treasurer

Amanda Olejniczak - Past Secretary

Erin Schumaker - Sponsorships

Lisa Tagliapietra​ 

Tammy Taylor - Grant Chair

Jessica Van Sluys - Raffle Coordinator





We meet the second Monday of every month in the Grafton High School Library at 7pm.  Meetings are usually about an hour long.  Feel free to drop in and see what we are all about.  If you would like to join the board and have a vote on decision making, there is a short application to fill out.  Click here for the application. You do not need to be a board member to help out with GEF activities.  Contact us if you have questions about joining GEF.  We would love to meet you!

GEF Members

Suzanne Beck
Allison Bergmann
Amanda Brennan
Mike Cibulka
Sara Cooper

Nicole Crowell
Kristen Decker

Mike Donahue
Annie Gehrke
Kelli Griep
Bob Hoffman
Chris Hogan
Mary Helen Hogan
Charity James
Lisa LaMaster
Aimee Lempke
Gina Nicoli
Sean O'Brien
Stacy Ringgold
Amanda Schaefer
Jean Van Sluys
Tricia Voss
Pam Wiziarde

Student Ambassadors

Brogan Ringgold
Grace Viesselmann
Lauren Kuss


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