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2018 GEF Grant Award Winners




















Our Prize Patrol issued $63,947.45 in grants for 2018


The Grafton Education Foundation (GEF) “Prize Patrol” surprised this year’s grant recipients. A total of $63,947.45 was handed out to Grafton school district staff members who applied for grants during the 2018 grant cycle for GEF. During the annual Prize Patrol, GEF members show up unannounced in teacher classrooms with an oversized check, balloons and green apples to share the news that their educational grants will be awarded.  Every grade level benefits from GEF grants.


The Grafton Education Foundation raises money throughout the year to fund grant requests. The GEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to address funding gaps for educational programs throughout the five public schools in Grafton.


New Signature Choral Risers for Woodview (and Kennedy Performances) - WES & KES - J. Andrews - $8,700.00

Signature Choral risers with back railing for classes, rehearsals, and performances. Choral risers are a foundation in music classes and are used daily by every child in an elementary school. With the new school configuration and the Woodview Music Room size, large group ensembles, such as choirs, will have to utilize the commons/cafeteria area to accommodate the larger numbers of children. The risers will need to be moved weekly down the ramps for rehearsal and then set up again for music class within the same day. The proposed new risers are more transportable than the current ones and are much safer with the back railing to ensure students can’t fall. These are the same risers used by every school in the district, Kennedy, JLMS, and GHS and are something the children are familiar with. For Spring performances in the new WV and K gyms, the additional 6th riser would be needed and shared to accommodate all of the sections of a grade, for example 4th grade has 3 sections - with each homeroom requiring 2 sets of risers. 6 sets would accommodate grade level concerts. Kennedy currently has only 5 sections of these risers so the 6th would be shared.


Creating a Comfortable, Collaborative, Conducive 21st Century Learning Environment - WES - M. Wild - $7,470.90

Alternative seating for Woodview fifth grade students, and the 5th grade collaboration shared community space.


Modeling the Molecular World - GHS - F. Grant - $2,885.86

Grafton High School’s (GHS) Biomedical Science Program has grown rapidly since the program began in 2012. GHS now offers all four PLTW: Biomedical Science classes. The success of the program is due to the highly engaging, relevant, problem and project based curriculum that is accessible to all Grafton High School students. 3D Molecular Designs, a Milwaukee Based company, has developed manipulative models of complex cell structures that can be used by students to demonstrate how a nerve cell transmits and how proteins are made in the cell. These models will not only be used in the PLTW: Biomedical Science Program but also in other Biological Science courses offered at GHS. Using the Flow of Genetic Information, Synapse Construction and Neuron Modeling Kits, GHS students will have the opportunity to actively engage in the molecular world of the cell.


Mobile Classroom Displays for GHS Communication Arts classrooms - GHS - B. Durst - $16,426.30

This grant will outfit the GHS Communication Arts classrooms with flexible learning resources to modernize the instruction of writing and literary analysis. Touchpad tablets coupled with LED screens mounted on carts will allow for more nuanced instruction of literature and help model annotation skills. The flexibility of the cart will also allow for individualization and more robust, timely feedback to students.


Fab Lab Vinyl Cutter - GHS - K. Gain - $2,990.00

The Grafton High School Fab Lab is looking to add a vinyl cutter as an output device to satisfy STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) standards. A vinyl cutter is a computer numeric control device which cuts designs (advertisements, magnets, heat transferring patterns, signs, and logos) from vinyl material. A vinyl cutter would give students more opportunities to produce diverse output. Using different software, material, and machinery would expand student knowledge into a new realm of problem solving and create a more efficient Fab Lab.


Equal Ability to Hear - WES - B. Evers - $7,547.62

We will utilize sound field systems within the newly added classrooms so that students will have the same access auditory stimuli regardless of proximity to the student or teacher who is speaking who are in the old classrooms at Woodview. This technology provides the opportunity to enhance learning for all students.


This is a grant requesting funds to acquire and install classroom sound field systems. These systems slightly amplify the teacher’s voice and/or videos to make the ability to hear the same regardless of where a child is seated in relation to the teacher or sound source. These systems also help to cover any background noise so the teacher’s message can be more clearly heard.


Moments in History … in LEGO - JLMS - $521.77

Moments in LEGO is a JLMS sixth grade enrichment course. Students will visit specific moments in history, researching and then demonstrating their learning and understanding of significant historical events through design and building, rather than traditional written and oral responses. By using Legos to engage and excite students, students have a “hands-on” opportunity to interact with history while also developing their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.


Laser Engraver for the GHS Engineering FAB LAB - GHS - $17,405.00

The Laser Engraver will be a major asset in our new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Fabrication Lab. The main purpose of being an output device for our design and engineering courses. Students will use this device to create prototypes for projects in their engineering courses. The laser engraver can also be used to engrave chrome books for the district, nameplates, awards for the Grafton Relays track meet, and various other district needs/requests.


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Grants In Action

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