The Grafton Education Foundation is adding two (2) Grafton High School Student Ambassadors to its volunteer committee, open to Sophomores and Juniors. The students serve a one - year term (Jan – Dec) and are active volunteers. The Student Ambassadors are encouraged to attend board meetings (held on the third Monday of every month from 7pm – 8pm), join other volunteer committees and support board initiatives. Ambassadors will play a part in organizing the GEF’s fundraising and community events and may be asked to coordinate high school volunteers for various events.


How to apply: Potential Student Ambassadors can submit applications to the GEF which will be reviewed by the GEF Board members. Applicants should submit their applications at and include a reference letter from a GSD teacher who has had direct contact with the student, and a brief statement (up to 250 words) describing their interests and reasons for wanting to serve as a Student Ambassador. Applications are due December 20, 2020. For further inquiry and applicant submission, please contact Karen Powell at


Student Ambassador Program

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