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2023 GEF Grant Award Winners


Over the years, GEF has had the honor of awarding over 97 teacher/staff district-wide educational grants on an annual basis totaling over $565,000.  Their stories inspire us to continue funding projects that will have a lasting impact on large numbers of students throughout our district.  


During the 2023 grant cycle, the GEF Grant Committee was happy to report that they awarded 12 grants to the districts totaling $65,000. 


2023 GEF grants include:






































GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_06.jpg
GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_02.jpg
GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_05.jpg
GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_03.jpg
GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_04.jpg

Any idea how old they are? Well let me put it to you this way. Band director Joe Brown was just a toddler when they were purchased. Now, band uniforms are expensive—no doubt. That’s why this meme is more accurate that you can imagine. GEF is one of several community donors.

We want the future healthcare workers from Grafton High School to do more than just ice knees when they hurt. (Although ice is a miracle!) So we are happy to present Biomedical Project Lead the Way teacher Fran Grant with $4,500 for an Orthopedics in Action, anatomy of a knee injury kit.

Grafton High School is getting 5 TV monitors to allow students better vision of coding lessons thanks to this $4,600 grant written by Erin Sumner.

Rusty Meyer wrote a grant for $3,700 to purchase a couple of video cameras and 3 drones for the Video Design Course!

Microphones are key to communication with a group. And now, the high school’s Communication Arts Department will have the latest and greatest microphones for all sorts of student driven projects like Ted Talks! 

GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_07.jpg

Yes, it’s true. The one with the biggest bass drum wins.  And John Long Middle School will be winning big time with its 7 new drums and harnesses with back braces.  We are partial to the idea of the GEF stickers on the drums. We can’t wait to see you in parades! 

GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_08.jpg

Confidence and school pride will be overflowing for Woodview’s 3rd to 5th graders thanks to all the new equipment coming their way for in-school clubs. Clubs like comic book design, magic tricks, wilderness survival and art projects thanks to this $1,625 grant written by Adan Burgos.

We think teachers will be cheering when they catch students using learning strategies taught to them through new decodable books. These books will apply phonics skills as students learn to read. This $7,865 grant was written by Kayla Meyer.

GEF Grant Winners 2023 Night of Giving1_Page_10.jpg

Grafton’s two elementary schools will be offering even more opportunities for hands on experience coding, designing and engineering robotics with Legos. This grant for $4,855 is awarded to Erin Brown.

The Fab Lab may be located inside Grafton High School but they provide lots of help to many student groups and activities for the district. We are thrilled that Michael Dodge is getting $15,000 for a Boss Metal Cutting Laser for students in PLTW courses….I’m sure he will guarantee they will be cutting way more than squares!

Woodview 4k and Kindergarten kids will have a blast with balls, basketball hoops, funnel ball games and monkey bars (I’m sure not this tall) Betsy Bergmann wrote this grant for $6k.

The classic film Toy Story showed us the importance of play to a child’s development. This grant for $4-thousand dollars will allow Betsy Bergmann to purchase a variety of kindergarten toys to promote interactive play.

Grants In Action

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