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Renee (far right) helps present one of our grants.

Renee Riddle, Director

Renee Riddle is a founding member of the Grafton Education Foundation.  She has 3 kids in the district and a husband on the Grafton School Board.  You could say she’s invested!  

Renee has a BA from Indiana University in communications and journalism.  After a two decade career in broadcast journalism as an anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, Green Bay and New Mexico she now works as a freelance public relations consultant.  Some of her most rewarding work centers around veterans for the Milwaukee County War Memorial and the Honor Flight program. Renee helped organize the premiere of the Honor Flight documentary at Miller Park which holds the world record for the largest movie screening. Renee also spearheads the GEF Soupor Bowl.


“I truly believe in the GEF motto of Quality Schools. Together.  It takes all of us. The stakes are high. We’re talking about our kids. So in the words of Anne Frank: ‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’  GEF is our little corner of the world.”

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